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National Frozen Foods Month

frozen foods

Did you know, March is National Frozen Foods Month? Frozen foods have always existed in climates that were cold enough for foods to freeze, but the innovation of this industry did not begin until 1924.

Clarence Birdseye was working as a fur trader in Canada and while fishing he discovered the fish froze almost instantly when removed from the water. An even better discovery occurred when he realized this fish was just as tasty when he thawed it out months later. Birdseye concluded that in order for food to retain its flavor and quality, it must be frozen very quickly.

Soon enough, Clarence developed two types of quick-freezing methods; both of these methods included packaging the food beforehand.

frozen foods

Method 1

The first freezing method held the package of food between two metal belts that were chilled from -40 to – 45 degrees F using calcium chloride solution.

Method 2

The second method, which soon became the more popular technique, held the packaged food under pressure between two hollow metal plates which were chilled to -25 F through the evaporation of ammonia. Using this process, meats could be chilled to 0 within 90 minutes and fruits and veggies within only 30 minutes.

By 1925, Clarence had officially launched his invention of the “Quick Freeze Machine”. Four years later, he sold his business, but remained onboard as a consultant. By the time he passed away in 1956, he held about 300 patents and grew the frozen food sector into a billion dollar industry.

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